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Customer Service

Special Services Quote

If you have a need for special services such as Data Extraction, Data Migration, Corrupt Data Repair or other specialty services, Please submit a Special Services Request for Quote. These services are billed on a hourly basis.

If Special Services is not what you need, then we recommend submitting a Technical Support Request. Technical issues such as data backup problems, error messages, encryption errors, installation problems or other issues. Depending on the technical issue, charges may apply. Technical Support

How to Request a Special Services Quote

Step 1: Include Detailed Information: The more information you provide regarding your problem the easier it will be for the Special Services technicians to diagnose the problem and give an estimated quote.
Step 2: Fill out and submit the Special Services Request Form below.
Step 3: A technician will respond to you within the business day or up to 24 hours. If this is an emergency request, please note the high priority in your submission.

Note: Many problems are caused by improperly backing up data. If you have already installed the software remember to always back up your data BEFORE downloading a new version. Click here to learn how to backup data.

Special Services Request for Quote

(5 digits)
(Numbers only no dashes)
Find you Version number in your program under Help > About
Please describe your special technical issue in as much detail as possible. This will assist the technician in diagnosing your issue and assessing a quote.

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