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Professional Accounting LE

Professional Accounting LE is generally for a company that has grown in employees, products or customers and has a need for more complex financial recording and reporting.

Easy to Use: In less than 20 minutes, you can set up a single company. Our easy set up is simple. Just follow this 5 step process that is automatically triggered when you open the software.

  1. System Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Registration
  4. Company Set-Up
  5. Easy Start Checklist


Standard Invoices Software Maintained Tax Tables
Customizable Invoices Print W-2 & W-3 Forms
Print Invoice Shipping labels Print 941 & 940 Forms
Track Shipments Print DE6 and DE7
Specify Shipping Methods Track Item by Number UPC/SKU/Item
Accept Credit Cards Set Item Active/Inactive
Recurring Transactions Specify Stocking Locations
Calculate Finance Charges Track Inventory
Purchase Orders/Quotes Set Inventory Levels
Customize Purchase Orders FIFO/LIFO Cost Methods
Vendor Credit Memos Average Cost Method
Standard Checks Specific Cost Method
Customize Vendor Checks Inventory Assemblies
Print Checks Inventory Adjustments
Print 1099 and 1096 Forms Reconcile Accounts
Set Wages Salary/Hourly 401k Deduction
Pay Frequency Weekly/Semi-Weekly/etc. Automatically Calculates Payroll Taxes
Set Employee Status Active/Inactive Prepare Bank Deposits
Direct Deposit Void Existing Checks
Integrated Tracking Timer Fixed Asset Solutions
Time Tickets Time Tracking
Expense Tickets Import/Export Info to Software
Weekly Time Tracking Choose Between Cash/Accrual Accounting
Daily Time Tracking Data Backup
Job Tracking Schedule Report Run Time
Set Job Status Active/Inactive Daily Planner/To Do List
Checks and Forms

Auto Update Plan - Annual Compliance License Subscription

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Security Features

Each product is compliant with current State and Federal laws for Financial Privacy that require the protection of employees, customers, vendors and businesses sensitive financial information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts and other key data.

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